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       Jingmao Technology Co.,Ltd is going to be the world market and technology player in the development and manufacturing of backsheets for photovoltaic modules and the testing result of the completed backsheets products is even much better than the international industry standards.   
      Solar energy is one of the most important sources of energy for the future. It has the greatest future potential of all the renewable energies. Solar cells require effective protection against environmental influences so that they can convert sunlight into energy for a long time. Jingmao® backsheets by Jingmao Technology meet this requirement. They provide long-term protection for solar cells against mechanical and chemical influences and the effects of the weather and they reliably ensure that sunlight can be efficiently converted into usable energy. They are extremely tough and durable, having already demonstrated their longevity many times in practical use.


     With a strong presence in China, Jingmao Technology takes account of the importance of the Asian market. With the Jingmao® backsheets, which have now been established for more than 6 years, and new pioneering film technologies, Jingmao Solar will continue its strategy of market and customer orientation to establish photovoltaics as a competitive alternative to energy production in the future.

 Why choose to work with Jingmao Technology?
         EGING PV is one of our main partners for years and we  two parties have a  very strong relationships,We provide not only backsheets, but also very good services:

      Relaible and Stable Quality, 25 years quality guarantee for our standard KPK backsheets.
      Wharehouse Planning, make stock for you, ship goods at anytime you prefer.
      Flexible Trade Conditions, even 60 days L/C acceptable.
      Professional Team, sales leader with 15 years experiences of international business.
OEM/ODM manufacturing services, Width of the backsheets custmized.
Other related materials sourcing services, we understand how hard for you to find relaible suppliers from China, since we are professional in this field and we have a lot experiences in China markets, so we are happy to help you to solve this problems with this in case you need help from us.
Quality Control System: work with qualified suppliers such as Arkema-->Inspecting the Incoming Materials-->Making Sample for Testing--> Order Production-->Inspection and Testing-->Packing for Storage--> Shipment.
Use Jingmao PVDF Backsheet, your panels in safety, now & future for over 25 years.
      Any questions from you will be answered within 24 hours.