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Governors' Visiting after Chinese New Year

Number of visits: Date:2/4/2017

      Government encourages Jingmao Solar to make new business growing in the coming new year of 2017.
       On Feb4,2017. 
The local Governors of Shaoxing City visited our company Jingmao Technology to research the business conditions and work after Chinese New Year.The secretary of the Communist Party of China of keqiao District,Shaoxing City,The secretary of Anchang Town, The mayor of Anchang Town and other governors accompanied by Mr Zhao, Chairman of Jingmao Technology reviewed our workshop, and they all encourage us to make new business scale in new year of 2017, and they will support us both with finance and ground. So we have full confidence that we will build a new factory this year and our business turnover increase by double size.
[Feb 4,2017]


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